Monday, February 23, 2015

ELT Maker Trip: In The Making

If you live or teach in Dublin you probably know exactly where this is. 

Note the Castle-y building in the background.

Irish Design 2015 seems to be using this building as its Design Hub to host exhibits over this year. Coach House- the official name of the hopeful wannabe castle- is, at this very moment, holding a design exhibit called In The Making by a couple of cool designer types. Needless to say if you are reading this blog and teaching English in Dublin should take your students. 

Not only is it free, but they give stuff out. And that stuff... It's free. And there is English on it. 

ELT Maker Trip:

There are physical artifacts in the room on the left. In the room on the right there are photo compositions of what you have just been seeing. Photos are welcome but both are 'look but don't touch'. That said in the room on the right, your students can pick up a souvenir. In the photo above you can see racks of white blocks on the wall. These are all booklets that unfold into cool posters. Don't overdo it but take one or two.

How can I use this with them back in the classroom?
I can see process writing, passives, presentations coming out of a visit here. 
Talk to your DoS or give a heads-up to your school's Events Coordinator and put it on the school calendar before the end of March. They also do tours and talks.

So what is it?
You will see the stuff modern factories make (MacBooks and Football shoes) and stuff people make (wine corks and curraghs).

The objects are all interestingly incomplete... 'paused' mid-make...
Coracle, mid-make
Tennis balls 

ELT joke- Q:What level is this exhibit appropriate for? A:Uppers

Old school

Marble us.

If you are bringing a group of more than three write to designhub@IrishDesign dot /ai/ /i:/ 

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