Thursday, January 29, 2015

ELT Maker Night

When- Tuesday 3rd of February 2015 6:00 pm
Where- Bridge21 (See the map. It's on Westland Row behind TCD.)
Who- ELT Makers of any level 
Why- For the good of humanity, wait...
What- on Earth is a Maker Night? See below

It's an hour where you get together with other ELT Makers (Creative non-technophobe English Language Teachers). You meet each other and do a show-and-tell in small groups. There will be no important speeches, it's about making stuff. You show them what you've made and ask them about what they've made.  Sound good? See you there.

Yes, this just got real.

Cutesy Waffle and Details
If you want biscuits and tea you will have to make them yourself. Bring a laptop or whatever you like to use. This is not a coding session, don't be afraid.  It's 2 euros in to cover the cost of renting the place any extra money can go to paying for tea or something nice like that. If you make food or bring tea you get in free.

If you have nothing to share yet that's ok. In fact that's half the reason for it- to see what we can make. The other half is 'show and tell'. Remember: there will be no 'presentations to the class'. It will just be small tables and group work.

So let's review: In small groups you will meet the other ELT people and show your projects. They will be showing their class blogs, resource sites, videos, Edmodos, Facebook groups, podcast projects, G+ feeds, Thinglinks, (books?!) and whatever you've gone through the effort to make. They'll tell you
  1. why they made it and 
  2. who it's for, 
  3. where it's going and 
  4. why they love it (or why they abandoned it). 
What you are showing doesn't need to be online if you've made a really excellent crossword puzzle, bring it.

Never fear. Maker Night is near.

Write to john.b.whipple at the old gmail dot commie to clarify, confirm details or book. But you are welcome to just show up.

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