Friday, March 13, 2015

An eLTclipse for Ireland

It's 2015. In a little less than a week Ireland will experience a near total solar eclipse. So what are you going to do about it?

Well something cool. Don't be the one who hides in the corner quivering about your eyes exploding (Audrey).

But, don't be a dope either. Looking straight at the sun is will cause damage, possibly hurt and you know better. So how can you enjoy this illicit astronomical event?

Why not set this as small practical problem for your class and ask them to plan a way to be able to really enjoy it. Here are some Makery observation ideas if they don't think of any or the problem overshadows their Maker capabilities:
  1. Make a pinhole projector.
  2. Use a magnifying glass and a piece of paper or 
  3. Get some very Back To The Future 2 solar eclipse watching glasses from Astronomy Ireland who have a well-deserved following despite our abundant cloud cover.

It's a pretty cool event. Some of your Koreans or Saudis may have seen one one or two in their short and privileged lifetimes. But being abroad to see it will be an event they can tell their kids about. But will they be able to do so in English? That's up to us.

The moon will start casting its shadow as early as 8:30. So the weirdness will start then.

The eclipse maxes out at about 9:25 so don't plan on doing a test on Friday.
Ireland 2015. 

Let your students know it will be happening early in the week and maybe start things early on the day or late on the day. After all there won't be another one near as good until 2036, by which time you'll be sitting on the beach soaking up your ELT pension. Kidding! The one in in 2036 is nowhere near as good as this one. Enjoy it now.

Of course if you are late for school on Friday morning you have a ready-made text for your DOS:
'Nothing I can say: partial eclipse on the DART'.

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