Friday, November 21, 2014

1: What is it?

English Language Teaching is creative. If you make something new and you want to show it or share it, this is the place. If you see something good, share it.

As teachers we create in collaboration with our students, we DESIGN lessons and CHOOSE materials for the students in our class THIS week.

Jean Dubuffet couldn't understand why people treasured the old paintings. His point of view was that created works are like food, the fresher the better.

As teachers we value tradition and probably respect authority. But if you create a short story doesn't mean that you don't respect your favourite authors. If you make a song it's not to claim superiority over another musician.

When you create a good lesson element- especially if it is for your current students- it has an intrinsic value. It also in inspires reflection, adaptation and growth in other teachers.

So if you've created anything you should have a space to share it.

I've found a few things I really like and I will share them here. If you see something good or make something good share it here or over on the LinkedIn group, ELT MAKERS. If you aren't on linked in send me an email. I'm trying to avoid Facebook. But Twitter is great for sharing links @ELTMAKERS or hashtag us with #ELTMAKERS. @ whippler for me.

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